WhatsApp Latest Update Now Allows more than 4 people to Connect on Video Call

WhatsApp Latest Update Now Allows more than 4 people to Connect on Video Call

WhatsApp, an American freeware, cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service has been rolling out novel initiatives for the betterment of the masses in this 2020 coronavirus lockdown. Now, the company is all set to revamp its group voice and video call feature.

Currently, only four users can contribute to a particular group call, but WhatsApp Head Will Cathcart has stated that the limit will be increased from four to eight. Android and iOS users with the latest beta version of WhatsApp can enjoy a video call with more than four participants in the coming week.

Some Interesting Insights   

  • If you’re an iOS user then installing the iOS beta update of WhatsApp from TestFlight can help you meet the feature.

  • If you’re an Android user, you are required to install the 2.20.133 beta update of WhatsApp from Google Play.   

  • If you fail to download and install the latest beta version of the app, you will definitely fail to be a member of the group video call.  

A Move to be the Best

With this feature in its pack, WhatsApp is all set to capture the video conferencing apps market in the coming times. It’s all set to show the world that communicating can be easier even in this ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Ever since the planet witnessed lockdown, service professionals started focusing on other platforms like Zoom - a Silicon-valley based video conferring app. Basked in incredible popularity with intuitive audio and video calling features, the platform successfully disrupted the business world to its best.

Driving the tech giants and governments to look for similar options, WhatsApp joined the race. Seeing it as a perfect opportunity and time to expand the reach and engage users, the app bumped in to extend the limit of group video calls from four to eight.

Used earlier for casual chats and messages, the app with its novel feature will help professionals conduct group meetings remotely. Families and friends can unite within a few clicks with a new enthusiasm. 

Just make sure that the members are eight or less than eight.  

A Low Down to Start the Call

You can easily tick a WhatsApp group video call. One of the easiest ways is to simply hit the call icon and start the conversation. It depends on the participants to be added. If your group consists of four members only, the app will start the call automatically. 

However, if you have more than four members in your group then WhatsApp will ask for the contacts you want to conversate with. While the participants not added to your contact list will miss the call.

If you don’t want or have a group then a good way to initiate the call is by tapping the Calls tab and clicking the Call button. You can now select the New Group Call icon provided downwards. Select the list of contacts you want to call (not more than eight) and enjoy one of the convenient ways to start a group video call.

Aiming to captivate the market, WhatsApp will slowly and steadily revamp and roll out its novel feature. Just wait and watch, as it would come to you sooner or later. 

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