How to Use AR and VR At Your Events

How to Use AR and VR At Your Events

AR & VR, what commonly understood worldwide are acronyms for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Before we discuss the difference between the two, let’s get to know what AR & VR is in general. Augmented Reality (AR) refers to the idea of considering an existing environment and transforming it in some way or the other to suit the user’s preferences. It disrupts your reality by overlaying an object or an effect to a certain degree and helps to create an amazing and different experience without changing your existing environment. 

On the other hand, Virtual Reality (VR) enables a closed-off environment experience where it creates a world that is unique in its way. VR provides a fully immersive experience. It feels like we have spawned in a different world with different geographical characteristics.

Changing or adding faces, moustache, hats or even glasses on your face, photographed digitally through your smart phones are a few of the examples of AR. Whereas, VR facilitates an experience that suddenly takes you into a new world, a world that initiates through a blank box and technically puts you in a system with a closed-loop after you put on a headset. The new reality kicks in and lets you enjoy the wonders of the digital world.  

Now, AR and VR are very different from one another. Although it has been observed that these two concepts have a unique synergy and the ways it can be employed to attain positive results in any application brings baffling results. So, the next question which arises is, where do we use AR & VR? The answer is quite simple, at various events!  

We can use the AR & VR platform for marketing as it can help in enabling experiences for customers without physically disturbing or damaging the product and exploring the gist of the services offered by an organization. The events help in propagating the products or services of a company and application of AR & VR at such campaigns increases the chances of conversion of the customer towards making a purchasing decision and of course retaining one too. For instance, a hotel can showcase its ambience, its lush green garden view through rooms and the amenities it is providing by an immersive video with the help of an AR & VR platform to its clients.

What customers or clients are looking for nowadays is an experience that is different from others. We are all looking for something unique, something different to get away from this mundane lifestyle. Well, the AR & VR industry can cater to such needs very aptly. AR & VR headsets can help to facilitate a customized experience to the clients as per their requirements with the inclusion of the already existing services within the AR & VR framework. This experience may take their mind off from something very tedious like work-lifestyle and frustration or any other mentally exhausting activity they have been involved with. A refreshing mood and an active mindset are all one needs and the AR & VR platform helps to enable just that! 

Most of the time, there is a requirement of equipment and gear to perform or carry out a successful demo. Now, what AR & VR platform can do in this case is, it can help to create a fully 3D immersive video experience for the clients and involve them in a thorough process from scratch to the final stage of the product’s completion or a service’s optimum utilization. For example, with the help of AR & VR headsets, a client can experience the purification process of an industrial level water purifier from its initial stage of input to the final stage of output about the purified and distilled water. All of this through a carefully set and thoroughly installed process in the AR & VR framework of the video. 

The environmental impact of AR & VR in the future can be very distinct. The way it is growing and disrupting the world is really astounding. We are yet to see where this technological advancement is to take us in the coming years. With the AR & VR industry, we never know what the next thing could be around the corner. Guess we would have to wait and watch, and of course, it would be better with the AR & VR headsets on.