Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurants

By Pradeep Nyati

Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurants

Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurants

With each passing day, social media is becoming a significant part of stirring a modern restaurant business. Whether or not you are currently active on social media, there are chances that your esteemed guests are posting, tweeting, and Instagramming about you online. However, your restaurant can take the centre stage and get all the limelight with a proactive social media marketing strategy.
It’s all about the perception, some restaurant operators find managing their social media profiles as another work in their everyday to-do list. While others prioritize it for business expansion and involvement in their marketing plan. 

But it’s reflective that restaurants that have the knacks to kill the social media game are the one who can sustain in this digital era. Here are some social media marketing tips that will help restaurants in reaching out and targeting the right audience. 

Reveal What’s Rolling Behind the Scenes

Marketing is more than sharing posts and stories showcasing high-quality images of deliciously prepared delicacies on various social media handles. Make it a habit of sharing behind-the-scenes videos and photos straight from your kitchen. 

Your visitors will love to see how you prepare the food before bringing it to the table. This will prove to be one of the best B2C social media marketing tactics to welcome foodies and serve them right.

Keep ‘Consistency’ at the Forefront 

Whether you have hired a full-time marketing professional, delegated the work to a team, or manage the digital presence yourself, one thing that your restaurant’s brand positioning needs is Consistency. Be it online, in-house or any other offline media, using vibrant photography across all the marketing framework can generate positive results.  

Such a strategy can help to attain consistent messaging and imagery for your restaurant business and enhance your brand’s presence beyond the four walls of your setting. This makes your visitors aware that you are unwavering and your restaurant continuously endeavours to serve the best.  

Be Responsive. Be Available. Be Online

Social media marketing for restaurant businesses can work best when you’re responsive. Be it positive or negative feedback, addressing the reviewer’s comment with a personal note can create a difference. Learn from negative reviews, as it puts forth an opportunity to convert unsatisfied visitors of today into brand advocates of tomorrow.     

Being available for your customers can create a friendly and transparent relationship with them. Don’t be afraid to talk about the flaws, instead, make a public attempt to improvise. Even if you’re not able to address every review, try addressing a few disgruntled customers and establish a long lasting relationship with them.

Drive Email Sign Ups    

This imperative can play a pivotal role in triggering social media marketing for small restaurant businesses. For instance, use your brand’s Instagram bio to drive guests to your email sign up option. You can add up to this buy highlighting a tempting incentive or offer like ‘50 % discount on immediate sign up’. Your viewers who love cooking can also be delighted by the offer ‘Learn from the Chef with immediate sign up’.

Email newsletters prove to be one of the best ways to know your visitors and pull in repeat visits. Having a list of emails will surely open the doors of email marketing for your restaurant. You get in touch with them by sharing coupons, anniversary discounts, event notifications, etc.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

A UGC can be a photo, tweet, or any other forms of social media created by your visitors that bring your restaurant in the positive light. UGC can surely be a restaurant’ best friend for business. Giving credits to the original guest in the post, repost a UGC that highlights your brand online. 

You can also go for a funny meme or any other tweets that perfectly reflects your brand’s vision and lets you connect with the audience rightly. Besides, letting your customer base hear from their peers, that your restaurant is worth visiting, is enough to ring the marketing bell.

You can learn the strategies to exploit UGC by tapping various social media marketing courses for restaurants online.

The bottom line is that social media is all about people, and there is a thin line between generating leads and converting them into potential customers. You just need to hit the right corner to carve out a beautiful social media marketing sculpture.

So, what are you waiting for, use these tips and make your restaurants mesmerize the visitors like never before!