Read this before going live on Facebook and Instagram

Read this before going live on fb and insta.jpg

Streaming live can be a little intimidating task. But, it is one of the best ways to reach out to your audience, no matter what your goal is, may it be for your business or just to connect with people. It is a fine way of letting people know you by going live and platforms like Facebook and Instagram have made streaming in-the-moment video content more immersive to share with the audience. So before going live, what steps should be considered to make the whole experience vibrant? Here are some quick tips:

Value Addition

The primary function of live streaming on such platforms is that it should add value to your audience and the videos should be focused with that approach. It is always better to keep your intentions clear and precise to communicate well. Take a moment to think about what your audience needs and structure your message in such a way that it helps in getting the audience’s attention quickly and effortlessly

Extensive Planning

Nervousness and stage fright is often natural. Performers get it all the time. For you to cross this absurd bridge, planning can turn out to be a friend in disguise. You can always write out a layout of how things are supposed to go online. What you want to share and in what manner. Talking about the things you want to demonstrate, a time-limit to it if you must. Arrangement of props and instruments required to be featured in your video, all of this can be planned along with some cues for your action so you don’t freeze on screen. With an outline in place, you can feel more comfortable and confident which will automatically enable you to concentrate and perform better. 


Often it is observed that live-streams get boring after some point. It is because of the flow that the performers fail to maintain. After rigorous planning, the most important thing on a Facebook live-event is to maintain the magic of the story. Your message or video should not be monotonous. Good storytelling is always appreciated by the audience and it enhances the chances of retaining more peers than usual. Rambling and going off-track may sometimes, can be observed as unprofessional behavior, especially if you are conducting a live session for your business.


Checking your internet connection or wifi before going live is always a good idea. Network issues can hamper the experience for audiences as well as the performer himself. Therefore, that last-minute speed test or checking whether that LAN is connected or not to the router can always work in your favor.


No matter how much you prepare, you cannot be always assured that the live-streams will go smoothly as planned. Contingencies must be placed while or before going online to mitigate the risks of embarrassing yourself in front of your audiences. Even if you commit a mistake or any technical issue arises, do not panic. What’s done is done. Remember part of going live is to adapt and improvise, so roll your sleeves up and face it like a champ. 

No matter what social media platform you are, going live can be scary. But following the above tips can help you create an awesome experience.