Which is more Impactful Instagram Stories OR Instagram Posts?

Which is more Impactful Instagram Stories OR Instagram Posts?

It was 2010 when social media app Instagram came into existence showcasing selfies, pictures of food, and pets. However, things changed with the transformation of this single-photo sharing app to a top-notch marketing channel in 2019.

Today, with 1 billion monthly active users and more than 500 million users using it daily, Instagram is becoming a go-to social media platform for various businesses and brands. While engaging the audience with its standalone video platform– IGTV, businesses consistently focus on rolling out appealing Posts and Stories. 

But what stands tall in expanding the reach and driving traffic – Shoppable Instagram Posts in the feed or the 24 hours Instagram Stories. Let’s find out.

Complementing Each Other  

For brands, an Instagram post is a cover of a book and an Instagram Story is a page or a new chapter. It acts as two different sides of the same coin – every time you post a feed, you post a compelling 24-hour visible story. This is an imperative which builds transparency across the customer base and channelizesInstagram marketing for brands.  

With users spending an average of 28 days minutes per day, these stories and posts add a personalized touch, increase engagement, and create excitement across the account. They play a pivotal role in driving brand awareness alongside influencing sales and website traffic.

For instance, IG posts can help a brand to ‘launch its product in the feed’, while the stories can highlight ‘how the product was brought to life’. They both just go hand-in-hand.

Scroll Down for Quick Tips

A recent study says that Instagram’s potential advertising reach is 849.3 M users. With such a huge user base, it becomes difficult for the brands to stay consistent and follow the trend.

When it comes to IG posts, businesses need to go through a prominent R&D and jot down some Instagram hashtags to follow to make the feed interactive and intuitive. 

However, IG stories do not require any extensive chunk of captions or texts to engage the audience. You need to plan your stories (image or video) with minimal texts (5-15 words) that represent the brand in the best way. 

Businesses need to maintain the flow of the images in the sliders in the feed and apply it to the stories as well. Also, integrating ‘each of it with each other’ can create a bigger impact by increasing brand awareness and generating profitable outcomes.

While posts can help you show your creativity to the world and are fixed, stories have features that can provoke action or a verbal reaction with it. These features roll out:  

  • Links (when having ten-thousand followers)
  • Open-ended Questions
  • Polls
  • Quiz Questions

With IG stories, your customers can find you. Be it travel, food, wedding, or any other sector, your tags and texts will drive your audience to your account. But when it comes to  new followers, it’s the feed which will bring them back to your account and be your repeat customer.     

Posts are indeed permanent (until you delete it) and stories are not. However, as a brand, if you ever want to choose between posts or stories, then be clear about the approach and the purpose. Because you never know what makes a bigger impact.