IGTV vs Youtube

IGTV vs Youtube

Initially, IGTV received quite a lot of attention from Digital marketers and Content Creators. It was not surprising that some of them have gone so far to compare IGTV to YouTube. Currently, Youtube is the largest video sharing platform in the world that hosts almost 300 minutes of video each minute. But the matter of fact is IGTV may have fewer users as compared to the largest video sharing platform Youtube, but that doesn’t mean you can’t effectively utilize the features of IGTV for a different purpose
But unlike YouTube, IGTV requires all of its content to be shot and viewed in a vertical format, in a way people actually hold their phones.

The difference?
It is almost unfair to compare these two mega social video sharing platforms because IGTV is a much infant platform that still seeks for people's attention and attraction. The IGTV still needs a lot of development, like the vertical shooting mode is quite an unimpressive feature. Well, frankly talking about Youtube it is a much-accepted video sharing platform that holds a title of reputation and a huge fan following which enables people to upload and share multiples of videos, motion music, etc.
How IGTV Can Work for Your Business

By not dodging any opportunity it is suggested to share your content with your insta followers and it might be possible that your content hit a reach because of continuous traffic in the IGTV Channels. We have to separate the thought that IGTV is new as compared with Youtube, but what matters is that over 500 million users log into their Instagram account daily, which means potentially your video can reach millions.
One of the studies says that by 2021 the video content market will make up 78% of mobile data traffic. Also, IGTV’s newest users could help in increasing the traffic to your business.  Additionally, the user doesn't require to set up any expensive filming or shooting equipment and when your business is dealing with a tight budget then you really don’t have to invest big. The vertical shooting feature on IGTV allows you to shoot with a normal smartphone.


Presently you cannot earn revenues from the Instagram T.V because views & likes can’t be monetized on IGTV, which pushes many users and influencers to earn money on sponsorships from brands. We can say that later, it is a possibility of things getting changed as the platform peaks up. But at this point, content creators are not getting anything that they upload on their IGTV channels.

On the other hand world’s largest video sharing platform YouTube allows content creators to monetize their videos through Google Adsense. Popular YouTubers like BB ki Vines, Amit Bhadana and many others have earned handsome amounts of revenue from their youtube channels. At least a thousand subscribers & 4k hours of viewing time can help you in monetizing your channel.
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