6 Ways you should write the best captions for Instagram

6 Ways you should write the best captions for Instagram

The increasing volatility of the market demands industrialists to be competitive, to be always in the ‘see’. Hence, it has become important for businesses to connect with their ideal audience effectively. Social media is one of the ultimate marketing tools in today's business. Instagram marketers are the new-age knights who battle against traditional marketing algorithms to reign supreme. 

There is no denying the fact that a great visual side of Instagram will attract followers from around the globe. However, maintaining a visually appealing Instagram account is quite a different thing from keeping your audiences engaged. It is because 'micro-blogging’ description has emerged as a great trend to engage people. But, the question is how do we do it?

#Tip 1: A Killer First Line

The second most appealing thing on an Instagram image is the first line below it. As the proverb goes, ‘the first impression is the best’, making the first part of the Instagram description very engaging is very vital here. A sure-fire way to boost business is by sparking the curiosity of the followers with an intriguing question or statement. The trick is to deliver a punching and attention-grabbing element for the description.

#Tip 2: Adding a Call-to-Action Never Fails

While writing an Instagram description we mentioned the need for an eye-catchy line. Good content or SEO- specific is very much appreciated but the key here is whether the content calls-to-action. It could be anything, for example, asking the audience a question and encouraging them to answer while giving a timely reply, making comments.  CTA can encourage people to know your brand and drive traffic to your business.

#Tip 3: Line Breakers in case of Long texts

Easy to digest, SEO-centric, short and crisp descriptions are the best way to generate revenue and direct lead. While writing, it is understandable that to put forward all the information descriptions can get lengthy. However, lengthy reads do not please readers. It has to be a straight-to-the-point and addressing the problem or about the brand.

#Tip 4: Mirror Your Brand

By now we have established why descriptions are important and of what type. Another important point to be noted here is that it should be consistent and on-brand. Instagram descriptions should mirror both your company and the brand’s personality. It should sound and feel like the rest of your marketing campaigns or social media marketing campaigns. 

#Tip 5: Pick a consistent theme

Marketing your brand is a continuous reminder about your company and brand. Hence, the key here is to stick to a point or a theme. For example, you are a service provider; make your marketing content about your services. Consistent descriptions of either product or service will give your Instagram account a personality and popularize your brand.  Alongside this, one can pick a particular day to say something new or upcoming about your company.

#Tip 6: Let Emojis Do the Talking

Emojis can be used either in the call-to-action texts or to improve the personality of your Instagram description. Emojis makes your description inviting and grabs attention.

Above all, it is important to stay updated with the on-goings of Instagram and keep hash tagging as it is a tested ‘way’ to reach your fans.