How To Use Twitter For Business 2020

How To Use Twitter For Business 2020

Entrepreneurs should not skip any free way to promote their business and that’s why today’s blog will give you great insight about how to use Twitter for business!

Set up a business account

Creating a business account is always suggested because you have to keep you and your business identity different. You might encounter problems like your name or the name of your business is already taken. You can choose something really close to the required name

Important tip here is to try to choose a short name where the ideal can be less than 15 characters.

Start following

Take advantage of suggestions curated by Twitter to “follow” as these usually based on current trends and popularity. Increase your reach, follow competitors and leaders whom you admire or respect, vendors, similar products, media etc.

In this way, you will be aware of industry trends and doors for collaboration and networking opportunities will also be opened.

Join conversations

Start building a network by joining in the conversations. Once you’re comfortable, send your own tweets, link it to useful articles, blog posts you find online. Posting on other people’s blogs is also a good idea to promote your business.

Important tip here is to post related to industry trends and try to include photos to make your followers engage with your tweets more regularly. You can also use @ sign to call out usernames in Tweets to target a particular group.

Use hashtags

Hashtag symbol (#), are placed by twitter users in their tweets to join in on conversations occurring on the platform. It’s a good way to join more conversations and increase your reach. Check out what’s Trending and use hashtags to get them in front of more people.

Important thing here is do not put spaces between the words in the phrase hashtags.


Retweet what others have tweeted with credit, reply to tweets with comments, but get conversations going. You can retweet posts that contain user-generated content about your business, posts from the local community relevant to your business.

Use both retweets and retweets with comments and actively share content. Also appreciate other users’ content by liking them.

Direct messages
You can send a direct message to every new person that follows you. But don’t come off as spam by pitching your products or services in the first message itself.

Ideally you should wait until you establish a relationship before sending messages.

Know your audience and create a strategy

Create an ideal customer profile as it is then much easier to curate and write content. You then do not need to tweet for the masses.

Find pain points of them and how your business can help to solve them. Know what kind of content does your ideal customer like to consume and their social media habits. Provide them with the links to relevant blog posts, videos and graphics.

Vary your content types

Videos and images really attract attention. Upload memes, GIFs and other graphics to capture your target customer’s attention and educate and inspire them. Share videos that will teach them something valuable, or entertain them with good and original content.

Tweet articles that speak about your audience’s pain points, and share quotes that feature wisdom they need to hear. Varying helps you reach more people and also breaks up the monotony.

Important tip here is Use your original content as much as possible.

Run polls and surveys

This provides your followers a place to chime in on the type of content they would like to see, and also provides them with an opportunity to engage with your brand. Share an opinion on things that are both indirectly and directly related to your brand.

Be consistent

There is no such fix number like how many times you should post in a day or a week. Just figure out how much time you have to create quality content and to share it and then be consistent.

Build an attractive, cohesive profile
Create a Twitter page reflecting your business’s unique brand. Edit your header photo, profile photo, bio, theme colour to make it attractive. Social media branding of yours should match with your business’s brand.

Consider ads and promoted tweets
Twitter has many paid options through which you can promote your business profile to new followers. There are several choices before users for Twitter ad objectives — tweet engagements, promoted videos, website clicks or conversions, in-stream video views, app installs and followers.

Live tweet
It is one of the great ways to engage with your followers. It is good branding for the event organizers as it makes people aware about the conference, and excites them to make purchases for the event.

It is one of the great ways to engage with your followers. It is good branding for the event organizers as it makes people aware about the conference, and excites them to make purchases for the event.

Monitor your metrics
Measure your impact using Twitter’s analytics tools. Monitor your tweet activity, your followers and the level of engagement with what you’re posting. It gives you the ability to keep an eye on efficiency and effectiveness of your efforts.

Create a content calendar
Create a social media content calendar and then post engaging content. Schedule your posts in advance so you don’t have to worry about what to post on any given day.

Have emergency plans in place
Being caught on social media by negative press can be very devastating. Or, you might get your business profile hacked. That’s why you should have a plan in place for what to do if there’s a crisis involving your business or Twitter profile.

Keep an eye on your competition
This step will help you stay a step ahead of your competition, and may inspire you for new ideas you haven’t thought of yet.

Stay in touch with your core followers
You should never forget your original audience when trying to grow your Twitter presence. Reach out to them for testimonials, like their tweets, or just drop them a line to say hi.

Make them feel like they are heard, appreciate them wherever you can. Something as simple as a shoutout thanking them for their loyalty could go a long way!

We hope you liked the blog. So, create a business account on Twitter and move your steps towards growing your business.