How are podcasts used in business?

How podcasts are used in Business

Over the last decade, podcasts have been the talk of the town and have overshadowed similar platforms. Be it Joe Rogan or Tim Ferriss, or '#AakashVani' in India, podcasts have opened new avenues. Through a podcast business model, brands across the globe are embracing this tool to maximize their presence. Let's deep dive and explore why podcasts are becoming the game changers for today's top brands. 

With technology at the forefront, podcasts are soaring in popularity by each passing day. Unlike the countless people who are glued to various social media platforms, podcasts are a bit conventional. In comparison to approx 23 million YouTube channels, 80 million Facebook business pages, and around 600 million blogs, there are just 800,000 podcasts in Apple podcasts. This is why brands embracing podcasts are hitting the news desk more and more. 

Be it your client, prospective leads, or general audience - the podcast is an awesome medium to build and stay connected with your community. Regular communication and constant updates go a long way in creating a dedicated podcast business community. Having a one-to-one communication strengthens the bond and scales up your business potentials while attracting new customers now and then. 

For every brand, creating engaging content is a must. Viral content is a great tool for businesses that use podcasts as it enables them to catch the attention of the audience and target customers. As the medium is audio, brands are concentrating more on useful content. Be it an interview or podcast events, viral contents are a sure shot way to win customers. 

Unlike the social media platforms where engagement is limited to like or comment, via podcast, brands can interact with their target audience first-hand. Just like a radio show, podcasts can create audience polls, answer queries, and take calls. Brands can use this interactive experience to enrich and expand their market reach in today's competitive market. This 'brand-customer' interaction is a major plus for businesses that use podcasts for marketing.

The idea of promoting the podcast through social media platforms, blog posts, and vice versa is another useful way for today's businesses. Cross-promotion allows you to engage your existing audience alongside adding listeners and subscribers to your podcast. This is more helpful for brands who have just embraced the podcast business model while having a presence in social media platforms. 

Lead generation is one of the core objectives for every marketing strategy. You can tend to miss out on a social media post or skim-read a blog post, but a podcast can hold the attention of its subscriber's right till the end. This leaves you with enough breathing space to execute your promotion well enough during the podcast. Ideally, a 'Call-to-action' is placed at the end of the podcast as reports suggest that people often tend to take action after listening to the podcast. This is the power of marketing through podcasts. 

Last, but the most effective way to use podcasts for business is by sharing inspiring success stories that go a long way in creating a loyal customer base. Once you are able to gain the trust of your audience through sharing the experiences, it's easier for people to buy the products of your brand.