How Event Professionals Can Manage Stress during Lockdown

How Event Professionals Can Manage Stress during Lockdown.jpg


The pandemic has locked down a huge population, forcing them to stay indoors. Event professionals are dealing with the transition from offline and field jobs to a completely new platform of doing it virtually. This sudden turn of events has taken its toll on many industries, including the event companies. Event management is a stressful profession, and in extended difficult times, it is not only stressful but also adds to the work pressure.

In the current times of the pandemic, with live events being cancelled, and businesses turning towards the virtual concept of work, stress has become a bi-factor. It takes time and effort to adjust to the new work and lifestyle.

Let’s look at certain tips to deal with it and be productive at work.

Accept and stay calm:

When you know things are not in your control, the next best thing to do is accept it and keep a positive outlook.  It is common to get worked up and stress yourself in a sudden turn of events.  But a few deep breaths can relax those nerves.  Try focussing on work at hand, bringing back your future thoughts of uncertainty.  

Trust yourself and take action:

Trust your skills, intuition, and knowledge. A change in technology or technique cannot take it from you. Accessing the situation, planning, and actioning the plan will help calm you, and move things forward. Being indecisive can blow up the situation, hence it is important to be decisive and take timely actions in such uncertain times.

Stay healthy:

A healthy mind and body can accomplish the impossible. It is utmost necessary to take care of yourself while dealing with undue events. By eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, and making time for relaxation will help you think and work effectively. As most of the Event professionals are working from home, taking a few minutes off to meditate will help deal with the anxiety of all kinds.

Keep yourself engaged:

A job at an event management company is often hectic as it leaves an event professional with minimal or no time for oneself.  In challenging times, it is good to catch-up on things you once left behind. Companies are offering several online courses helping people scale up their skills. You can pursue a long-awaited skill or a hobby or interest. Buzz yourself with activities you love that will de-stress you.


Keep your connections on. Interacting with family, friends, and colleagues eases in dealing with difficult times. With technology, you can reach anyone across the globe. A phone or a video call makes one feel connected and valued. It is also a good chance to grow and strengthen professional connections.

A helping hand, a heartfelt conversation dilutes stress levels. Uncertain situations can make employees feel less connected. A weekly online meet will keep the momentum flowing and bring in the conscience of not being left out and facing it together.


Practicing gratitude is one of the best ways of managing stress. No one formula fits all. In times of unwelcome hard times, it’s important to cope up with the situation and keep while waiting for the sun to shine brightly again.