Guerrilla Marketing: The Mesmerizing Marketing Combater

Guerrilla Marketing: The Mesmerizing Marketing Combater

The word Guerrilla generally reminds you of a combat zone with a series of surprise attacks. It's the tactics used in warfare especially to tackle a larger army and ambush them. The term is picked majorly for its unconventional tactics and having the element of surprise. When it is applied to marketing, Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional marketing style, designed to grasp the attention of the onlooker at the first instance and market a product in a structured format. Guerrilla marketing strategies are widely used across sectors.

Why Guerrilla Marketing?

The audience mindset is shifting rapidly from conventional marketing techniques (radio, television, print advertisements, and online ad pop-ups). This is where Guerrilla marketing plunges itself with an element of surprise and creates a lasting impression in the mind of the audience. Companies run various Guerrilla marketing campaigns to reach their target audience. Guerrilla marketing majorly depends on the creativity of the advertisement. It is cost-effective, and the ads are created with the sole purpose of getting viral within a minimal time span. Additionally, these ads become the talk of the town without any additional investment, alongside creating a lasting impression on the audience.

Types of Guerrilla Marketing

Jay Conrad Levinson way back in 1984 used the “Guerrilla marketing" term in his book “Guerrilla Advertising”. Since then, this business strategy is gaining prominence, and in today's era, it's a major force to outcast the old-age marketing styles. Some of the Guerrilla marketing strategies are as follows:

Outdoor: Exhibiting temporary ads on sidewalks or advertising removable ads in prominent places.

Indoor: Indoor marketing is advertising in public transports, college and university campuses, shops, malls that draws attention.

Ambush:  A brand makes use of global or national events to market their brand. Just like an army ambushes a territory to be captured, the brand uses large events to promote their brand.

The planted agents: The undercover or planted agent interacts with the prospective client and markets the brand in the pretext of striking a conversation.  

Experimental:  This Guerrilla marketing strategy aims at creating a close bond with the buyer or the person and gets them completely immersed in this concept.

Ambient: These are visually impressive and entertaining Guerrilla marketing campaigns used for brand promotions. They are advertised in unfavourable or unconventional backdrops and places yet maintaining the ambiance and the focus on the advertisement.

Examples of Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing campaigns are used by different sectors to catch the attention of the audience and create brand awareness by increasing traffic to their site, services or purchases. Some of the well-known global brands have effectively used Guerrilla marketing for their brand promotions. We bring 7 such astounding examples to the table:

1.  Various graffiti styles: Various graffiti styles are used in a creative manner in Guerrilla marketing. Graffiti marketing uses public places to creatively create images to draw public attention and requires permission from the concerned authorities to do so. Stencil graffiti is used to create smaller images and can be drawn in multiple places to advertise. While reverse graffiti draws images and removes the dirt from the uncovered places.

2.  Street plays: Street plays are acts performed by a small group of people to create awareness or communicate a message. Certain brands can also be promoted during the act.

3. Spotlight advertising:  One of the marketing strategies that are reaching people in the real world is spotlight advertising that brings in huge banners placed in prominent places.

4. Public stunts for publicity: At times companies use professionals to design public stunts to create visually amazing effects to create a lasting image on the viewer.

5. Environmental cause: Guerrilla marketing is also used to create environmental awareness.  Dressing up trees with “about to topple” images instead of banners leaves the onlookers awestruck with a non-verbal strong message.

6. Marking places:  Marking the parking spaces authorized for a brand with their brand name is quite common nowadays. This Guerrilla marketing strategy is used outdoors and is enough to make people curious about the brand, even before entering the store.

7. Treasure hunt: The age-old treasure hunt game is widely used as a guerrilla marketing campaign by brands across the globe. Placing online clues to engage the audience and rewarding them with gift hampers or rewards on completion is a fabulous idea.

A cleverly, creative, compelling Guerrilla marketing leaves a memorable impression and connects emotionally with its audience. The brand speaks for itself, communicates with the target audience that eventually goes a long way to capture the market.