7 do's and don’ts for business branding

7 do's and don’ts for business branding

Smart business branding is not a one-time quest, it’s a journey that goes on till your company is in existence. In a nutshell, it refers to a comprehensive marketing strategy for your company as well as its services and products. 

Rather than calling it rocket science, you can call it an ‘Art’. You just have to keep it simple and understand the do’s and don’ts. So, let’s get started.

1. Do make a Professional Logo – You can approach the best design agencies in your town to design a proficient logo. Hiring graphic designers online can also help you in achieving the expected results.    

Don’t Overthink for the Same – Remember, you don’t need a super fancy logo to sustain in the market. Besides, it’s the referrals, good name, and networking that make you go places and not the logo. 

2. Do get Motivation from Competitors – Take out some time to observe your competitors. Observing them can help you draw a fine line between right and wrong. Their imageries can help you understand the current market scenario.

Don’t Copy – Outright plagiarism can lead to severe consequences. It’s a big no-no. Publishing similar content will set up your brand for a lawsuit. Being unique is what follows and not the confusion you create by duplicating.

3. Do make an Appealing Tagline/Slogan – For instance, consider Nike’s slogan – ‘Just Do It’, just 3 words that are memorable and define the true essence of branding. Keep your tagline and slogan short in a way that it perfectly exemplifies your brand positioning.

Don’t make it too Long – Now, take the same example and think if Nike had over-explained its slogan like ‘Just Do it with our top-notch Athletic Shoes’. An impactful phrase would have suddenly turned into a ‘want’. So, keep your tagline and slogan short and sweet.

4. Do Keep Up with Times – Long back Warner Brothers had their logo - a white ‘W’ in a black oval with the red surrounding. Later, they came up with a classic logo. However, the brand learned to evolve with times which is why it changed the logo hundreds of times. So, evolving with time is always a good idea.  
Don’t Diminish Brand Essence by Following a Trend – A well-known tea brand Celestial Seasoning redesigned its tea boxes to engage younger crowds. However, it failed to deliver the same comfort as the older boxes did, which returned it to its older decade-loved branding. So, follow but don’t get lost.

5. Do Dive into Social Media – Be active on social media channels to promote your brand even in the remote areas. Refining, measuring, monitoring, sustaining, nurturing, and leveraging innovation through social media will help you in your business branding.

Don’t Over-complicate things – Run campaigns which are effective and generate profitable outcomes. Don’t include confusing website content or online advertising techniques that will drive your viewers into a puzzle. 

6. Do Use Constant Voice – Your imageries, blog content, social media campaigns, etc. should have a consistent voice that engages viewers and generates repeat customers. Communication is the key but consistency is the keyway to unlock the doors to success. 

Don’t make it a Habit – Changing your voice too frequently can be outlandish. But viewers, especially millennials get bored of similar content. So, changing your voice by going through customer feedback online can help you create a win-win situation.      

7. Do Promote Brand Statement – Be proud to promote your brand statement offline as well as online. Visibility everywhere in various forms will act as a reminder for your viewers to get up every morning with an enthusiasm and stay connected.

Don’t make Fake Promises – Never make lofty promises to your employees as it will infuse a lack of firm leadership inside-out. Employees would lose trust which will indirectly impact your branding.   

So, now as you know the do’s and don’ts, hit the right magic spot and give your business the needed limelight!