What is Cross Linking in SEO? What are its functions?

What is Cross Linking in SEO? What are its functions?

SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization is playing a crucial role in the digital marketing arena. Be it an SME, an emerging Startup, or an established firm, today, everyone is embracing this imperative to engage users and be their preferred choice.

When done rightly, SEO effectively creates brand awareness for your website alongside making it visible across the search engine crawlers and users. It has distinctive abilities to build or break your online reputation. 

But, have you ever heard of Cross Linking in SEO? It’s one of many techniques that is disrupting the market and is boosting the SEO implementation to pull in more traffic. It stands amongst the key strategies for the efficient optimization of the search engine. Tapping this would help you enhance relevance, significance, context, and traffic of your website. 

So, without any further ado, let’s discover what does cross linking in SEO mean and what are its functions, and some things to be considered while implementing it.    

Know it Better

It’s an art of connecting two different sites. Irrespective of the owners, cross linking refers to the web content on a particular website that can be linked to another website thereby, providing access to the user to walk through it. 

It offers users with the reference sites that have relevant or similar contents as the one they have come across showcasing more information about the topics.

If you have several domains, ensure that you highlight the right links to get the most out of it and generate good traffic. Here are some interesting insights to cross linking which will help you understand it better. It will help you improve the SEO for websites and expand your reach like never before. 

Content should be Unique – This will help in displaying the configurations on other search engines including Google. The links will appear between the content. Therefore, ensure that the websites you are linking have original content. 

Similar Topics – The websites must represent similar themes (topics) highlighting different content accordingly.  

Unmatched Experience – You can enhance the user experience by cross linking and attract visitors to your website.

Anchor Text – It is necessary to link your domains with keyword-rich anchor text (clickable words linking one web page to another). This will help engaging customers as well as prove beneficial for search engine results.

Link Naturally – You should stir your links to a point where they match and appeal naturally. This clear and seamless framework will make your cross linking seem far simpler for the visitor to click.

Functions of Cross Linking

Cross linking has many functions rather than boosting the SEO techniques. The functions include:

  • Using SEO tools, cross linking provides inbound and reciprocal links that can enhance the link popularity online. It acts as one of the key factors that control how the search engines determine the implementation of keywords and their relevance on a particular topic or content. 
  • It helps in reflecting the website’s search engine ranking page. 
  • It works best in combination with the other SEO strategies.
  • It streamlines your SEO friendly content and strategy.
  • It helps in creating quality backlinks that are easy-to-exchange and align with the SEO strategy
  • It helps to leverage multiple domains owned by you and give you a better chance of attaining a higher rank. 

Some Things to be Taken into Account 

While creating such links, one should make sure the links created are useful to other sites as well. Doing just for the sake of search engine marketing can result in penalties from the search engines. There are chances that it can also be considered as a scam.

Creating ‘Link Rings’ should be strictly avoided. Avoiding this would be beneficial for your SEO and provide proficient options, products or information to the customer base. While ensuring submission of inbound and outbound links to link directories including other sources will help cross linking effectively.

The more variety of links you have in your ambit, the more active and reliable your cross linking will be between your websites.

So, now as you know what is cross linking in SEO, its functions, and things to be considered while implementing it, you can surely expand your reach and be the #1 player of the game.

What are you waiting for, get going!