33 Common Branding Mistakes 

33 Common Branding Mistakes 

There are an array of brands surfing over the ocean of brand positioning and trying to overcome every single marketing wave. However, many of them fail to tackle these waves and ultimately sabotage their growth. From startups and SMEs to giant businesses, everyone goes through outlandish decision-making and its consequent failures.

Many entrepreneurs and companies operating across various industry sectors neglect the necessity of a good branding portfolio and dive into the dark waters of common branding mistakes. If you don’t want to fall into this category then jot down that branding is not just about designing an appealing logo or other digital artefacts.

It’s about becoming a preferred choice of your customers – a go-to-option rolling out comprehensive solutions. So, here are 33 common blunders that brands need to avoid in order to stand tall in the coming times.

1. Inefficiently Defined Brand Strategy 
Advertising completely based on aesthetics will surely end up in becoming a big failure. You need to create a proficient brand strategy showcasing a collaborative-partnership between the clientele, the strategy, and the designs. This strategy should perfectly define your business objectives. 

2. Getting Aligned with Cheap Branding
It’s often seen that businesses opt for cheap logo-design services and design their logo with some online logo-maker. Being concerned about the budget is good but stirring quality stuff is what will take you places. Not getting a professional logo which defines your business objective can be your biggest mistake.   

3. Unsuccessful in Differentiating the Brand
You never know, a simple marketing message can be a significant differentiator. So, it’s necessary to be unique at every single point. If your branding outputs look as similar to all other competitors in your sector, then probably you’ll lose most of your clients. If you fail to differentiate your brand then you’ll ultimately fail to communicate the brand value.  

4. Not Engaging with the Right Audience
Connecting with the right audience is a way of avoiding common marketing mishaps. It’s not about what you like, it’s about what your customers seek. Targeting the right audience is really crucial for creating a niche and being at the forefront of customer engagement.

5. Ineffective in Connecting with Your Audience
A #1 marketing campaign is all about engaging with the right audience, but then connecting with them practically and emotionally becomes more crucial. Your advertising strategies are of great significance to make customers hit the call-to-action button. Failing to hook people can make your brand taste the sip of downfall.  

6. Unable to Provide an Unmatched Experience
Negative interactions with customers can be one of the most common branding mistakes. On the other hand, new-age customers require personalized experience that quenches their needs to the core. Never underestimate the power of compatible user experience. Besides, it’s the customers that can make or break you.

7. Inappropriate Defense Mechanism 
You must be familiar with trademarks. If not then they are one of the ways of referring to brands, protecting them, and developing real-time advertising. Trademarks have a great potential of influencing the client purchase decisions. Just ensure that it doesn't invade anyone's existing business rights. 

8. Making Inconsistency a Habit    
Not being consistent can result in the creation of an untrustworthy brand image. Be it colour schemes, content, or marketing campaigns, you need to define your branding strategy by collating different elements into a customer-desired whole system. Besides, if your brand highlights different aspects every single time, there are chances of customers getting puzzled and lose interest. 

9. Not Keeping Up with Times
Neglecting improvisations and brand ageing signs can make your business stagnant and obsolete. Keeping up with times and trends of marketing is the need of the hour and ignoring this will make you a runner up and not the winner. If you want your business to not stay behind and outshine its competitors, it’s necessary to avoid such kinds of marketing mishaps.

10. Breaking Promises that Matter 
Breaking promises can directly hurt your customer’s sentiments and trust. Your brand would also get negative feedback promoting bad market reputation. And once you lose the reputation, it becomes really hard to gain the trust of the customers that hold grudges. Not fulfilling the word will induce a feeling of deception leading to deficient branding. 

11. Unnecessary Brand Extension
Brand extension is one of the crucial subjects for brand positioning and management. But, did you know that these extensions can easily go off-beat? For instance, a traditional line extension from Classic Coke to Diet Coke is fine, but sometimes businesses embark on a new and often unknown pathway already conquered by giant industry players.

12. Exhaustive Reliability on Marketing Data
Data is really important to solve the marketing puzzle and with technology disruption, this data is now at your fingertips. But completely relying on such data is one of the most common branding mistakes that you need to avoid because data has its own set of limitations and inaccuracies.

13. Diversifying Branding Approach Failure
There are various platforms that can help you in diversifying your brand approach. As such, putting all eggs in one tray may limit your reach and your customer engagement. It’s not necessary to choose online marketing as the only option for brand promotion, print and other offline advertisements hold their own significance and relevance across the market.

14. Inadequate Campaign Budget 
Businesses really need to be financially strong when launching a marketing campaign. Because small budgets can restraint you from getting the needed kudos and engagement. Inadequate budget can lead to a short-lived product, brand, and service awareness. Being realistic in spending can help to recover the same in the coming times. 

15. Not Tracking the Campaign 
Tracking your business campaign plays a vital role in avoiding marketing mishaps. Launching and setting a budget isn’t enough, your campaign needs little tweaking and adjustments for sure. Not ensuring what’s working successfully and what’s not is like going for the queen on a carrom board while blindfolded – you may get it if you’re lucky. 

16. Giving Up Too Early 
One of the common branding mistakes is giving up on your marketing campaign at an earlier stage. Instant gratification has no place for brand positioning. A campaign requires some time to drive action if you want immediate results or give up at the nascent stage then be prepared to inhale failure and exhale defeat.

17. Not Applying a Review & Approval Procedure 
Ignoring the implementation of a review and approval procedure for your marketing campaign is not a good idea. It is a business-critical imperative that can bring in the highest level of repute to the table. Not considering it as a part of the project management procedure can lead to branding failures, fines, and other grievances.

18. Neglecting the Website
In today’s digital era, a website can help your business achieve the desired and deserved attention. Most of your advertising traffic will be redirected to your website and landing on a website giving unsatisfactory experience can break the promotional chain. As such, it’s necessary to have a responsive and easy-to-navigate website.  

19. Not Including Blogs on your Website 
Yes, blogs are the necessity of your website which helps in increasing traffic. These imperatives prove effective in building a long-lasting relationship with your customers. Not including blogs on websites can limit you from gaining negative as well as positive feedback needed to shape your branding strategies.    

20. Unable to Convert Web Traffic to Clients 
It’s good news that the visitors on your website keep growing consistently, but if you’re unable to convert this traffic into sales, your hard work is of no use. This will turn out to be one of the most stressful marketing mishaps where customers have to spend a long time searching and scrolling for their requirements.

21. Overlooking Mobile Users
Even if you’re into small businesses, ensure that your website is optimized for mobile users. Forgetting about mobile users will make your brand lose potential clients. This scrolling experience through mobiles counts on every stage. If the visitors come across a bad mobile experience, it will surely impact your brand positioning.  

22. Not Providing Special Discounts or Rewards
It’s one of the most common branding mistakes that companies make is avoid rolling out rewards, coupons, discounts, or any other special deals. This imperative creates customer loyalty and increases traffic as well as sales. If you’re the owner of a website that redeems coupons, then your brand is likely to stand out of the crowd. 

23. Ignoring Social Media
Today’s hyper-competitive world calls for social media thereby, taking customer-interaction to the next level. Advertising with this imperative is a way towards an extended market reach with ease. Neglecting social media will limit your business from getting into your customer’s shoe and create a lasting impact.

24. Not Using Video-based Content 
Creating video-based content for promotion and branding on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media channels can work miracles. Besides, social media users nowadays love to watch engaging videos, and not using the same can lead to poor customer interactions as well as feedbacks 

25. Forgetting to Measure ROI
It is important to have a clear advertising objective to evaluate the ROI. Be it Traffic, Click-through Rates, Leads, or Conversions, you need to determine your marketing ROI to keep your business right on track. However, forgetting to do so may only reduce the digits in your bank account.    

26. Spamming Very Often 
Sometimes you don’t know but your brand is spamming the customers very often. Not prioritizing an email segmentation list and asking customers what they seek during their initial sign up will make the loose interest. Upsetting subscribers can prove to be one of the biggest marketing mishaps you never want to deal with.

27. Ignoring Unrestricted Shopping Carts
If you’re running an e-commerce website and doing nothing when customers add some items to the shopping cart but don’t check out then probably, you’re harming your branding. By ignoring unrestricted shopping carts your business is forgetting that your customer is just a few clicks away from checking out.  

28. Neglecting the Use of SEO
If your content is not SEO-optimized then how will your customer find you? Ignoring SEO is surely detrimental and falls under a very important category when it comes to marketing. Neglecting keywords and phrases that people search for will lead to making common branding mistakes and deliver poor search results. 

29. Inappropriate Lead Validation 
It’s a key to successfully separate online marketing leads from other conversions. Assuming that all your conversions came from one single place and not validating your leads can overstate your branding success. Inapt representation of lead-generation analytics will loosen the marketing budget grip with respect to ROI. 

30. Improper Email Marketing Chain 
Email Marketing is all about generating a response and if your mails didn’t achieve the needed success, you need to reconsider your strategies. Emails have a higher ROI and overlooking these imperatives can boost your businesses like never before. Just make sure that they are optimized for mobile users. 

31. Not Having an Appealing Call-to-action (CTAs)
If your business plays effectively with advertising  but has a cold or no CTAs, it virtually lies under a critical brand strategy failure. CTAs can efficiently drive users to your website and if you don’t have an appealing one then you’ll not be able to stand tall amongst your market competitors. 

32. Not Focusing on Customer Retention 
Customer acquisition completes half of the challenge but most of the businesses forget to pay attention to the retention rate – half of the challenge remains unconquered. Not regularly focusing on customer retention will lead to staying behind which you cannot afford.

33. Self-help is the Best Help 
Not hiring help or assistance lies in the category of most common branding mistakes that businesses make. Teamwork can turn things in your favour and increase the success rates. So, it’s necessary to divide the work equally.