How Brands Are Using Meme Marketing

By Veenapani Joshi

How brands are using Meme Marketing?


Nowadays, most of the population spends more time on social media rather than changing channels on TV. This social media is rolling out a wildfire of meme marketing in India alongside pushing brands to bring in the best meme marketing strategy to the table.

In today’s digital era, memes are resonating well with the audience and enabling brands to create a bigger impact. Businesses are embracing humorous, catchy, and informative memes intending to create a niche and enhance the brand’s image. They are shouting out loud with these imperatives and being at the forefront of marketing.

However, standing out amidst a market full of competitors and 376+ million social media users, creating memes that go ‘Viral’ and navigating while promoting the brand is not an easy task.

As rightly said by a famous American Comedian John Hodgman, “Any time you try to create an Internet meme, automatic fail. That's like the worst thing you can do.” So, let’s read out how brands are using meme marketing to keep up with times and not fail.

They are Making it ‘Big’

Brands have recognized that going just with traditional marketing strategies is not enough for making an impact – this would make the internet distasteful. As such, they are consistently striving to traverse the boundaries of a provocative approach and target the right audience with intuitive memes. Not looking at it as an advertisement, businesses are promoting their existence by being ‘Funny, Relevant, and Clever’. They are getting in the customer’s shoe and curating memes that not only engage youngsters but are also enjoyed by the whole family. 

This results in engaging a long lasting relationship with every age group across the social media world.

Deep Messages are Taking the Centre Stage

It’s really challenging for niche luxury brands to create a meme that is potent enough to attract and engage a wide audience. Besides, they also have to deliver content that is ‘Relatable’. Keeping this in mind, the brands are coming up with memes carrying messages that create affinity amongst the customers and empower them to share it with others.

Organizations are also getting associated with various meme marketing agencies and creating memes that satisfy their long term goals with deep pensive meme content.

Connecting the Dots of Promotion and Engagement

There is a very thin line between promotion and engagement and with memes as a marketing tool, this line becomes reedier. For instance, Big Bazaar has used IPL and Bollywood meme templates to promote their offline as well as the online platform on social media. On the other hand, Tinder used memes for its campaign ‘#AdultingCanWait' captured the eyeballs and attention of the young.

Similarly, many brands are reaching out to Millennials by effectively blending engagement and promotion. But it’s a fact that millennials don’t find the content interesting that promotes directly. Hence, brands are following a novel approach by making memes showcasing a problem that they are solving. Creating a lasting impact with the first 10 seconds of a video, adding its logo or mentioning an exclusive discount are kept at the last.

Coming across viral memes created around blockbuster movies like Bahubali, Sanju, Kabir Singh, etc., brands have underlined that overtly promotion is not the way to win the hearts of the masses. Content should be shared for brand positioning and expansion – this is what helps them use meme marketing in India in a better and productive way.

Don’t be Mean, Just Make Meme

Following the age-old selling methodologies will land up nowhere. Changing with times and requirements is the need of the hour. 

Today, brands are investing their time in equipping ‘Fresh’ and ‘Up-to-the-minute’ content. This acts as a catalyst in ringing the success bell. They are employing creative teams that can curate memes on the most topical happenings. Having expertise in meme content marketing, these teams are assessing the events that the viewers are most likely to identify and building memes accordingly. This is how businesses clutch the newest salvo of memes shared on social media and tell a story about the brand that the audience likes, shares, and follows.        

When it comes to social media, memes will continue to play a significant role in promoting a brand. They need to always keep their game up by delivering content that entertains, challenges, and engages. They always need to pass on the right message to the viewers in order to generate profitable outcomes.