How Vadilal Saw 35% Growth in Instagram Followers During Off-season

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The Ice Cream manufacturer from Gujarat executed a challenge under its campaign #FreezeTheMoment which it runs annually during winters to push the sluggish demand of ice-creams.

So, it launched a challenge named #SlurpUnder45 which was executed last year in Feb 2019 before the onset of summer season and the challenge was posted like this on official Instagram page of Vadilal:

Hurry up!
Start slurping!! 

1. Like and follow Vadilal Ice creams page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

2. To participate you have to send us the entry video of you eating any Vadilal Ice cream under 45 seconds via direct message on Instagram and Facebook or Email at

3. Vadilal Ice creams hold the right license, hold and reshare your video on Vadilal Ice cream's official page

4. The video should not be edited, it should be a complete video of you finishing Vadilal Ice cream

If you share the post on your social media, nominate your 3 friends to take up the challenge and tag @vadilalicecreams in your video and use the hashtags #SlurpUnder45 #FreezeTheMoment #whatsyourwajah #thebestpartofeveryday.

The post was also followed by a lot of hashtags which were:

“#contest #contestalert #contestgiveaway #contesttime #contestindia #contestgram #challenge #challengeyourself #challenge2019 #icecreamlove #icecreamtime #icecreamlovers #icecreamaddict #vadilalicecreams #Icecream #Yummy #HappyMoment #Delicious #SweetTooth #FoodForThought #Happiness #Satisfaction #Sweet”

The objective was to drive online engagement and sales in the off-season with a campaign that has the potential to go viral, garner maximum brand engagement, create good brand awareness and is fun, challenging and intriguing.

Vadilal shared multiple creatives and with many efforts made consumers excited to record their video while finishing a Vadilal ice cream scoop under 45 seconds.

Further, participants had to share the video and nominate their friends for the challenge.

6 months of free ice cream vouchers were the rewards for the challenge which motivated people.

Vadilal got its results as:

Over 210 entries were recorded from all over India.

  • Vadilal saw a growth of 35% in Instagram followers.
  • 12% increase was recorded in post engagement on Facebook
  • The campaign video garnered over half a million video views across platforms.
  • With 2.7M impressions, the campaign reached 1.6M people with a total post engagement of 1.2M