How Snapchat Can Be Used For Marketing

How Snapchat Can Be Used For Marketing

In marketing, usually what is seen is that companies hop on a new platform as it becomes popular among people and has got significant active users. This is because the new platform provides them lower cost per lead and more opportunities to sell their product or service.

Snapchat is like one of those platforms, and it is already incredibly popular. Launched in 2011, it has 218 million active users today and millions of Snaps are sent and seen every day. More than 80% of Snapchat users are between 14 to 35 years.

You should create a Snapchat Business account to effectively use Snapchat. Snapchat is completely different where you share videos and images with specific people, and they can also send videos and images to you and this interaction isn’t public. Therefore, to reach people who
will engage is the only goal here.

Following are the ways for marketing on snapchat:

1.) Offer Coupon codesIt is the best tactic when it comes to Snapchat marketing. It becomes great tool for engagement, and to make profitable sales. Another benefit of coupon code is that they’re trackable. Therefore, you can track how many people are responding.

2.) Connect with influencersInfluential marketing also works on Snapchat like other platforms.
Based on your budget and type of product, you have to choose your influencers.

3.) Build excitement among usersCreate hype of upcoming events as much as possible through
anticipation and use their curiosity to create excitement. Send short and frequent snaps to your audience to keep them engaged.

4.) Find followers and engage with themShare the username of your Snapchat on all social media sites, your
website, and in all emails to the company's email list, which will prompt users to follow you. If possible, offer some incentives if they follow you.

5.) Use private messages to test contentYou can test content on Snapchat by sending snaps to some of your
users in private and measure the engagement level. You can expand the level after you are satisfied by the results of testing.

6.) Use story format to build engagementSnaps play one after the next, if multiple snaps are sent/uploaded. Use
good images and videos to tell a story and build engagement among users.

7.) Track your audience by using Snapchat InsightsIt is the built-in analytics tool of Snapchat, to track and analyse all the contents which is working and which is not. You can compare the results of different snaps and plan the further steps accordingly.
You can manage Views, Reach, and Demographic information of your audience. Find peak time of your audience post at those times.

8.) Interact with other Snapchat usersEngage on Snapchat by viewing snaps and stories of others, following
other snap chatters, responding to snaps and messages sent to you in a reasonable time and collaborating with other brands.

9.) Try to use all new and upcoming features-
Try to use the cool and creative new features which Snapchat has introduced. Examples can be Snapchat Cameos, Snaps in 3D, Bitmoji TV, AR lenses etc.

10.) Make it easy for your audience to contact your businessUse new features like Swipe Up to Call, Swipe Up to Text. This will
help you in generating more leads.

11.) Advertise using suitable various ad formatChoose the ad format carefully according to your need from Snap ads,Collection ads, Story ads or Dynamic ads. SO, If your target audience is present on Snapchat, then go ahead,
create a Snapchat account and make an effort here.