5 Amazing examples of Viral marketing

5 Amazing examples of Viral marketing

Viral marketing is a kind of marketing approach that gets shared from one user to another naturally. Contents designed by a brand get digitally shared from one person to another like a virus, while rapidly passing the brand’s message all the way. Social media plays a vital role in viral marketing content sharing. As all social media platforms are designed to connect with one other, it is a perfect platform for creative content to go viral.    

Going viral seems to be the in-thing for marketers in promoting a brand in today's business ecosystem. There are various examples of a viral marketing campaign that has created a spell on the consumer. Let’s dig into some of the examples to understand them briefly.
Market research: 

Before designing content, there is a need to dig into the market. Observe and learn what makes the big brands click? What are the viral marketing campaigns going around in the market? Take a cue from any of them while designing one.  Look at the most trending videos, and contents leaving a piece of their soul on the internet forever.

Unlock Creativity:
If you have creative ideas swimming in your mind, that might have the spark to seize the market, put it on the drawing board, and grab the opportunity as it lasts. You might even want to use it in your viral marketing campaign.

Prepare for the launch:
Before you launch your viral content on the site, view it as a third person, and get your honest reaction. Make sure the site is equipped enough to handle the gush of traffic and leave no room for site crashes.

Make it viral:
While you are immersed in creating the content, it is equally important to keep a check on the quality. The sole idea is to connect with the audience and easily recognizable showcase contents and relates to the brand. Viral marketing content with a strong audience connection increases customer response and engagement.

Feedback watch: 
Post viral is equally important to measure the performance of the viral marketing campaign. Make use of necessary tools to create excellent content and make it viral. A little push and investment in social media marketing can get your viral marketing content go places.

Having understood what it takes a content go viral, let us have a look at 5 well-known brands creating the buzz with viral marketing

One of the leading entertainment and technology brands went viral by creating their waterproof walkman. Yes! You heard it right. The brand sold walkman in the bottled waters to exhibit this waterproof product. This viral marketing campaign had more than 4.62 lakh likes. 

Towards the end of February 2019, and just before Women’s day, Nike created a strong marketing campaign beating stereotypes that empowered women. Known for its strength, power, and changing times, the brand’s marketing campaign spoke for itself on its product lines and social message. The video went viral on social media, gathered more than 50 million views, followed by countless comments.

Coca-cola-"share the coke"
The world’s most valued brand, instead of its logo, printed 150 popular country names on its bottle. This 2012 viral marketing campaign, created in Australia along with its marketing partner, triggered a huge impact. It took its consumption rate up by 7 % in young adults. They also saw the site traffic increased by 870% and got more than 18,300,000 media impressions.

Dove in 2013 created a portrait sketching ad sending women a message "they are more beautiful than what they perceive themselves to be". The ad spoke about a trained artist sketching 2 portraits of the same woman. When placed together, the portrait described by the stranger looked more beautiful. This viral marketing experiment had more than 114 million views in the initial month and was uploaded in 25 different languages.  It had a wide reach over 110 countries worldwide alongside featuring on YouTube's channel.

Barry Callebaut, the Swiss chocolatier, was the first to create the Ruby chocolate using ruby cocoa beans. Nestle leveraged on this idea and prepared the Pink KitKat chocolate. It saw a huge response in Japan and South Korea. It had an out-of-out sale of an initial five thousand bars.

The above examples point out the impact of viral marketing in today's progressive market. At times, all it takes is creativity, and strong customers connect to make your campaign go viral.