19 ways of promoting brand during lockdown

19 ways of promoting brand during lockdown

The extended lockdown due to the novel Coronavirus has left businesses in awe. Work stoppages alongside quarantines are transforming the landscape of various industry sectors like never before. From travel, food, manufacturing companies to finance, digital marketing, or any other online entity, connecting with customers is becoming challenging day-by-day.

However, going digital and promoting your brand online can prove effective in these tough times. This can be the perfect time to enhance your presence and create a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Let’s go through some ways of promoting your brand during this Lockdown:      

1)Embrace Social Media:

During this COVID-19 crisis, one channel that can be your key to communicate with your audience is ‘Social Media’. Brand promotion on social media amidst 375+ million users in India is not an easy job, but it can successfully make your brand visible and create a niche in your sector.

2)Go for Remote Customer Service:
Change your medium of communication from face-to-face to emails, and audio/video conferencing apps. Engage your workforce to do the same and motivate them to interact with clients online.

3)Marketing Strategies can be impactful:
You must be having a product that could perfectly sell in these hard times of lockdown, but this could make your brand, insensitive, and over-opportunistic. Come up with an online marketing strategy that could comply with your brand promotion idea as well as motivate your customer base.

4)Keep Educating your Audience  :
Creating awareness about preventive measures through your own website and social media handles can help gaining the trust of your customers. Some informative excerpts of content can be helpful for your long-term goals.

5)Recognize Change with Empathy :  
Every brand is different, but remember your every action counts in such times. Leverage empathy to craft out an informative social media campaign like the automobile giant Ford that swapped its ads to run a COVID-19 response campaign.

·    Schedule content timelines
·    Adjust campaigns
·    Prioritize and Pivot your visuals
·    Avoid tactless messaging  

6)Analyse Imagery and Language:
Although COVID-19 memes are all over the internet, the climate is still of worry and fear. So, don’t add to the panic, instead, watch over your language that your brand speaks and shares. On the other hand, turn on visuals that are impactful and are potent enough to create a win-win situation.
·    Roll out visuals that showcase preventive measures
·    Use figurative language (like ‘We will work hand-in-hand’) all over your blogs, taglines, posts, stories, email subject lines, etc.

7)Focus on Permanent Elements of your Brand
You can play along with your logo or your website homepage for better brand positioning results. Come up with designs that can calm the situation and give a sense of relaxation to your customers.

8)Tell a Unique Brand Story:
Introduce business imperatives that can provide value to people while staying home. Focus on helping people and highlight the brand's unique value that enhances people’s lives in quarantine. Tell them your brand is there to educate, entertain, and support them.  

9)Pitch some Distractions:
Yes, COVID-19 is on every news channel. It’s the headline and the top story. This can be your chance to introduce your audience with something more interesting and interact with them in the best possible way. For instance, a blog on ‘how to work-from-home’ can surely distract your customers and help them in managing their day in a better manner. 

10)Highlight your Care for your Employees:
Sharing ways on how you’re supporting your employees can be one of the effective tools in your branding in COVID-19 arsenal. This will build an environment of transparency and flexibility. This imperative can stir brand loyalty and help you connect with your customers with authenticity.

11)Jump into Local Initiatives:
Be one of the fundraising members for local food banks. Be a brand that delivers medication – show that you care for the masses. This will surely create a lasting impression and display your positive participation. Be a volunteer for the noble cause and you can reap the benefits of the ‘word of mouth’ marketing theory.
12)Offer Promotions useful when Routine take Charge:
Acknowledging customer feedback and response, outline their custom orders and be a brand that ‘Listens’. When the coronavirus is out and rhythm is back, giving them the purchase can make you their preferred choice. Launching some interesting discounts, rewards, gift coupons can fill your brand’s mailbox with service requests when the lockdown ends.  
13)Honesty is the Best Policy:
Don’t lose sight of communication. Poor communication can make the current situation worse. Inform your clients or users if they have to deal with a delay in terms of projects, monetary transactions, presentations, etc. Ask for a collaborative partnership without being a reason to anticipate a project that doesn’t generate profits. Give them timely updates and take the challenge to provide the best results.  

14)Work on your Keywords:
A good SEO is enough to drive people to your website. Other search engines including Google change their algorithms regularly. So, your brand needs to connect the dots and keep up with the trend. Getting aligned with online branding services providing company can help you reach the top of the search results.
Also, a good SEO can bring your brand back on track from the hiatus of COVID-19.

15)Outline Trendy Hashtags
Hashtags play a vital role in the social media world. Choosing the right ones can take your brand to the next level. You need to R&D and bring in the best brand promotion hashtags to the table. This will surely make your business thrive, expand reach, and increase your customer base.

16)Dive in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising:
It depends on the industry sector your brand caters to. Nevertheless, this lockdown could be the perfect time to dive in PPC advertising as people are surfing on the internet more than before. Your brand’s ads can be visible to relevant pairs of eyes and outshine your competitors.      

17)Keep Creativity at the Forefront:
Creativity never dies. Make customers go gaga with your creative footsteps. Making videos that symbolizes your brand’s motto in a fun and appealing way and sharing it accordingly can help you meet expected results. Uploading scintillating posts, sliders, stories, etc. about the situation on various social media platforms can help your brand earn value and customers.

18)Quiz | Poll | Q&A:    
Your Brand’s social media handles can highlight creatives with a quiz or a rapid-fire. This will help your business in standing tall in these difficult times and generate smiles and sustainable value proposition at the same time. You can also ask them some questions and let them write their heart out.

19)Ask Customers to Fill Google Forms  
A Google form can help you understand your customer requirements and choices in a better manner. This feedback can help your brand in fighting this crisis and being future-ready. You can ask them for suggestions and work on them accordingly.

Forever is a Myth 
No one knows when this lockdown will end, but just hope that situations become better with time. Together we can fight this quarantine period and climb the success ladder. With the above extract, we hope that you stay prepared during this transition and think before you act.
The stakes of brand promotion are at life or death, but this is just a phase. This situation due to COVID-19 is temporary, but we are here to stay.   

So, it’s time to add value to your business – DIY or hire brand promotion agencies. Choose wisely as your choices will make you or break you!