13 Ultimate Brand Statistics that you should know

13 Ultimate Brand Statistics that you should know

Each day you engage and witness thousands of companies across an array of channels. From inbox and radio ads to banners and social media campaigns, whether you know it or not, you are constantly interacting with brands as well as branded content.

Each of these brands is distinctive and have a different approach towards creating a niche in their respective sectors. But creating a successful brand image is not an overnight journey, it is a process showcasing continuous efforts and time investment.

Here are 13 brand statistics that you should know and get inspiration from.

Some Basic Statistics

1. Continuous branding across all avenues elevates revenue by 23%
Advertising on various social media platforms and even other channels can increase your revenue by leaps and bounds. Your customers engage with your advertising strategies on these social media circles which infuses a sense of trust thereby, increasing the revenue. 

2. Brand awareness is their foremost goal say 89% of marketers
One of the most effective ways to sell your product is by presenting it right to the targeted audience. You have to make your brand known across the masses to increase your sales.

3. A customer acknowledges a brand after 5-7 interactions accordingly
When it comes to branding, the more frequently your customers will see your brand, the chances of recognizing and remembering it will increase. You just need to make sure that the brand engagements are active on most of the platforms to maximize brand reach.    

4. The first interaction is to earn loyalty say 48% of customers
It’s rightly said by someone that the first impression is the last impression and is really important to earn loyalty. You need to put your best foot forward in designing a customer-centric brand, alongside focusing on the revenue.

Content and Brand Statistics
The content you publish represents your brand and influences your customers and visitors to reach out to you and get aligned. You should connect the dots of the market and bring in the content that your customers seek.

5. 78% of customers crave for custom content
Rather than posting generalized content, your content should speak that your brand ‘cares’ and be at the forefront of their requirements. If writing is not your forte, you can just hire a content writing agency. Their expertise can make you go places and outshine your competitors.

6. 23% of marketers judge a brand by encountering the first content published
If the primary content published by your brand is not engaging then the chances will increase of it getting judged by the marketers. Your brand would get extinct without taking a flight. So, remember your first content posted always counts.

7. Studies say that 61% of customers approach the companies with original content
Customers would come to you if your brand breathes something distinctive. Your unique voice can help you sell and become a preferred choice of your customers

8. 54% of customers like to watch video content posted by the brands they admire
Independent researchers suggest that most of the customers are fond of videos. Your video content can make a better impact and prove more interactive than any other articles, blog, social write-ups, etc.
9. 53% of companies depend on content marketing as brand strategy
Most of the businesses roll out carefully curated content to promote themselves and create a win-win situation. They ensure that their content is marketed in the best possible way.  
Logo and Brand Statistics

A professional logo is considered as the face of the company. It’s recognized as a key aspect of the visual brand of your company.

10. 94% of the population across the world acknowledge the Coca-Cola logo
The intuitive red and white colour combination of the Coca-Cola logo is recognized by most of the individuals across the planet. This instance is enough to conclude that a professional logo plays a pivotal role in your brand positioning online as well as offline.

11. 33% of the best 100 brands have the colour blue in their logos
The impact of blue colour in branding can never be neglected. Using blue colour in your logo can make it look professional and help your brand in making the most out of it.

Colour and Brand Statistics
Underestimating the effect of colours in marketing will drive your customers to nothing but disappointment. Colours play a vibrant role in creating brand value. Your choice of the brand colour palette can help you in engaging your audience like never before.

12. 93% of shoppers focus on the brand colour when shopping a product  
Your customer would have different colour choices on their list. It’s mandatory to present colours that cater the majority of the customer choices and reflect trustworthiness.

13. Only 21% of marketers highlight the brand colour in 80% of their presentation slides
Presentations are considered as one of the crucial parts of a brand. Including the brand colour in your presentation slides can help you in reflecting a positive brand image.

Now, as you have come across some interesting brand statistics, harness them to be on the top!